From Euroroad 2021 to the 2022 Gran Fondo World Championships
Cycling keeps shining in Trento
The UCI Granfondo World Championships land in Trento
From September 15th to 18th
After the Euro 2021, Trento in the spotlights again
Trentino is the home of top-end cycling
Take in the Challenge: join the World Champs
Get in the race and enjoy a memorable experience in Trentino
Make it memorable
Plenty of emotions to live in Trento are yours to choose
  • Granfondo

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 143,8 km
    Elevation gain: 3900

  • Mediofondo

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 86,8 km
    Elevation gain: 2218

  • Time Trial

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 19,6 km
    Elevation gain: 150

  • Team Relay

    Trento – Trento

    Distance: 2 (lap) km

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